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Meetings and seminars

Discussion (2019/12/13)
MMA: Incremental hypervolume calculation in $d$ dimensions
Discussion (2019/12/04)
MMA: Simulation based approach to bacterial evolution
Discussion (2019/11/14)
MEIC: Cache-oblivious nested loops based on Hilbert curves
Seminar (2019/11/08)
Data processing methodologies in the area of E-Health for categorizing therapeutic responses in patients with migraine (Friday, November 08, at 11:00)
Discussion (2019/10/25)
MEIC: Large scale phylogenetic inference from noisy data based on minimum weight spanning arborescences
Seminar (2019/02/20)
"Origins of NP and P", by Jack Edmonds (Wednesday, February 20, at 13:30)
Discussion (2019/01/22)
PMEIC: Large scale phylogenetic inference from noisy data based on minimum weight spanning arborescences and local optimization
Discussion (2018/12/17)
MMA: An analysis of the Geodesic Distance and other comparative metrics for tree-like structures
Discussion (2018/11/05)
MEIC: Fast mapping and querying over large scale typing data
Seminar (2018/10/10)
Improved Maximum Likelihood Decoding using sparse Parity-Check Matrices
Seminar (2018/10/10)
Efficient paths in ordinal weighted graphs
Workshop (2018/07/23-25)
StringMasters -- Lisbon 2018
Workshop (2018/07/20)
Multi-Objective Optimization Workshop
Discussion (2018/07/18)
MEIC: Computational Complexity of Games and Puzzles
Discussion (2018/07/05)
PMEIC: Cache-Oblivious Loops at Higher Dimensions
Meeting (2018/07/03)
THOR 17: DevOps and workflow automation in bioinformatics and computational biology
Meeting (2018/05/09)
THOR 16: Balance and Frustration in Signed Networks
Seminar (2018/03/08)
Fast-SG: An alignment-free algorithm for hybrid assembly
Seminar (2018/03/02)
Algorithmic issues in cophylogenetic analysis
Seminar (2018/01/11)
Static versus Dynamic Deferred Acceptance in School Choice: Theory and Experiment
Seminar (2017/12/18)
Computational Geometry Challenges & Results in Multiobjective Optimization, Monday, December 18, at 14:30 (room 020)
Seminar (2017/11/24)
Boolean networks: modeling gene regulatory networks, Friday, November 24, at 14:00 (room FA1)
Meeting (2017/11/16)
THOR 15: Layout algorithms for phylogenetic trees
Discussion (2017/11/09)
MEIC: Large scale and dynamic phylogenetic inference from epidemic data
Seminar (2017/11/02)
Machine Learning for Multi-step Ahead Forecasting of Volatility Proxies, Thursday, November 2, at 15:00 (room 336)
Discussion (2017/10/20)
MEIC: Fast hierarchical graph clustering
Seminar (2017/10/13)
[GAIPS SEMINAR] Robust reconstruction of complex networks from sparse data - Friday, 13th October at 10:00
Seminar (2017/10/12)
Bicriteria Fixed-Charge Network Flow – Separating Fixed Costs and Flow Costs
Seminar (2017/09/14)
Efficient computation of the search region in multi-objective optimization
Meeting (2017/07/05)
THOR 14: Reward and punishment in collective risk dilemmas
Meeting (2017/06/28)
THOR 13: Cooperation dynamics in finite populations
Meeting (2017/05/31)
THOR 12: Visualização e análise de árvores filogenéticas
Meeting (2017/05/17)
THOR 11: Using Spark and GraphX to parallelize large scale simulations of bacterial populations over host contact networks
Meeting (2017/05/03)
THOR 10: Distância de Hamming entre todos os pares em tempo subquadrático
Meeting (2017/04/19)
THOR 9: Strain specific gene variant finding with chewBBACA
Seminar (2017/04/07)
Discovery of large genomic inversions using long range information, April 7th, 10:30-11:30 (IMM)
Meeting (2017/03/08)
THOR 8: Emergence of social balance in signed networks
Meeting (2017/02/22)
THOR 7: Link/cut trees and applications
Meeting (2017/02/16)
THOR 6: On the number and structure of Boolean functions compatible with a regulatory network topology
Meeting (2017/02/02)
THOR 5: Fast hierarchical graph clustering
Meeting (2017/01/26)
THOR 4: Large scale and dynamic phylogenetic inference from epidemic data
Meeting (2017/01/12)
THOR 3: Cálculo eficiente de caminhos mais curtos em grafos de grande dimensão
Meeting (2016/12/15)
THOR 2: Métricas para comparação de árvores
Meeting (2016/11/10)
THOR 1: Grafos, árvores e algoritmos para inferência filogenética
Seminar (2016/11/07)
Complex Networks Seminars, November 7th, 14:00 and 15:10
Meeting (2016/10/27)
THOR 0: Grupo de discussão THOR